Wednesday, 30 March 2011


The new gaff.
Big week in the Munningabout world, said my farewells to the Dunster Castle.
Say hello to Downend Rd.

The Downend Rd locals like to make a bit of rucas in the mornings.

I have always been really anal with being tidy, but getting back from a week long stage race in France and having to move straight away has not inspired me to do much, so this is where I sleep now.

If I was a supermarket I would be a Tesco's.

I looked everywhere but could not find the red line, so I just brought the trolly home with me.

I visited France this week, it was ok.

The French really do love there candy, or there 1664.

Most of the trip was a lot like this, looks fun I know but it is actually hard work.

I like Zebras.......

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