Wednesday, 30 March 2011


The new gaff.
Big week in the Munningabout world, said my farewells to the Dunster Castle.
Say hello to Downend Rd.

The Downend Rd locals like to make a bit of rucas in the mornings.

I have always been really anal with being tidy, but getting back from a week long stage race in France and having to move straight away has not inspired me to do much, so this is where I sleep now.

If I was a supermarket I would be a Tesco's.

I looked everywhere but could not find the red line, so I just brought the trolly home with me.

I visited France this week, it was ok.

The French really do love there candy, or there 1664.

Most of the trip was a lot like this, looks fun I know but it is actually hard work.

I like Zebras.......

Friday, 18 March 2011


Sprung has spring at the castle grounds.

Sprung time is the time for me to head home to "Edge of the green"
Down Cornwall way.
Lovely beach house of mine.

Still thinking about you my love.

My new mistress is everything that you would want.
Sexy, energetic, fun, outgoing, spontaneous, new.

The Castle lakes are thriving in the sprung time.

There is suppose to be rain in the sprung.

Lilyblues Sprung cake.

I just like this, Im not sure why but I do.
Time to enjoy some Sprunging.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


I really like this sign, straight to the point, and no pissing about.
If you climb on this you will fall and then a giant arrow will come from the sky and stab you in the heart.
so dont.

There multiplying.... I spilt water all over my bike one night and when I awoke there were two'fers.
Now its brush your teeth and water your bikes before bed.

Matty this is the "sexiest shot" I could find of you.
Matty made it to Brizzle for tuesday night Canteen night.
Nice one man.

SJ pointed out this one, the local Stokes Croft junkies are above Tescos it seems.
Only Waitros will do for there Blackthorns cider.

In the Castle study, putting the hours in.
Get it down.
Guess who this it??
You would not believe me in a million years who I spotted riding past the blue flame.

Saturday, 12 March 2011


This is why i do it..............
One of the first questions i get asked after i tell someone that im a professional bike rider is why do you do it.
More often then not i will give them the stock standard answer of, "its my passion and my love, ive always done it so i will keep on doing it."
But to tell you the truth the reason i do it is for the most simplest of things, and also all the cool shit that you get with it.
I mean i could go out and get a sticker made up with my name on it no worries, i could get stacks of them and stick them on everything.
Im not sure what it is but that sort of thing makes me feel really good and i would have to say that's the reason i do ride everyday.
So from now on when someone asks that same old question again, the answer will be, for the stickers man.

Thursday, 10 March 2011


I spent a lot of 2010 recovering from injuries.
It most definitely had its ups and downs.

Nearly loosing a finger was probably one of the downs.

One of the many many hand braces i had.

The "oven mitt" probably my favourite.

I did actually really enjoy the road to recovery, having a clean slate and slowly building on it.

This is going to hurt, really really bad.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


The Gentleman's Club
Please put this on before you continue, you are now about to enter the Dumpster Castle Gentleman's Club.

Henry kicking about on the Clubman after finishing his rare steak for dinner.

The Club is all about mixing business with pleasure.

Dont mind if i do.
A whole lot of man drinks there, Club style.

The famous Gentleman's Club bell.
Starts and finishes all the Club meetings.

The sun is always shinning on the Club.
That was a look inside the Club that is.
Keep it a secret now.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


The police wanna relocate me.

Ok so i blabbed on about not putting these sort of pics up, but this is going to be a little project for the year, stay tuned for more on this.

Oh how i missed her, the town by the sea.......... once!

Yep its nearly that time again ladies and gents, get your hiking shoes and back packs ready.

Probably just about my favorite thing about England, when the sun starts shinning and the fruits of the forest come out in abundance, ready for me to pick the shit out of them.
Its like a free lunch, and you know what they say about a free lunch!


This is Matt Southam.
When the sun comes out in Bristol so does the mega street vibe.
We are two members of the Montpellier street jaunts crew, there are more members still to arrive, stay tuned for some rude stories from this lot.

Come dine with me 2011. 
Its going to be big real big.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Proof of purchase

Ok so since starting this blog i have been looking at some of my pictures i have taken over the last few years, i discovered a few things when looking at all these pics together.

This all started when i was asked to make a list of all my likes, it was for a profile of myself as a whole.
When doing it i didnt give it much thought, well i did a little, i did have to come up with the list after all.
Since reading my own list and a few from some mates of mine i have found myself constantly extending the list in my mind.
I have also thought of this list as a room, your room, the ultimate room for you. Looking at myself in this room with everything on my list.
So when looking at my pictures from the last few years it gave me a good idea of what i like in picture form, maybe even a picture room could be cool, and what i think other people would like me to show them.
That is the whole reason for taking photos isnt it..... to show someone what you have actually seen with your own eyes.

That brings me to the reason why i have put up these pics, i have never been one for taking pics of views, i find it very boring to say the least, unless your trying to make a strong alibi for where you have been and what you have been upto, i dont think i really need to show someone that i saw some landscape or famous icon.
For the last week or so i have been thinking of different themes i could go with for a cool post, and i discovered to my disappointment that i actually had a few more view and icon pics then i would have liked, i did quickly check my facebook page to see if i had also put up 300 photos of thailand and its full moon parties, but luckily that wasnt me.
So i am now wondering after looking at some of these proof providing boring pics that i have stored on my mac, that i took the time to take and upload. What else i might be doing everyday that i choose to skim over.