Saturday, 12 March 2011


This is why i do it..............
One of the first questions i get asked after i tell someone that im a professional bike rider is why do you do it.
More often then not i will give them the stock standard answer of, "its my passion and my love, ive always done it so i will keep on doing it."
But to tell you the truth the reason i do it is for the most simplest of things, and also all the cool shit that you get with it.
I mean i could go out and get a sticker made up with my name on it no worries, i could get stacks of them and stick them on everything.
Im not sure what it is but that sort of thing makes me feel really good and i would have to say that's the reason i do ride everyday.
So from now on when someone asks that same old question again, the answer will be, for the stickers man.

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