Thursday, 2 June 2011


Made a trip to Ireland to try and become a "Man of the RAS"

The sun did actually come out at one time, so I quickly snapped a pic of it, I think this is the first ever actual sighting in Ireland.

The place is not so bad, they do have Guinness that I did become a big fan of wile in Ireland, I have since heard that it is much better in Ireland then anywhere else.
Probably the only thing I think.....

There is also some pretty cool pubs, see insert, Im now on the search for a Munners pub.

This is Matty.

We did stay in some nice hotels along the way, and enjoyed some lovely potatoes.
I spent an evening rolling around on the floor in this hotel.

There was also some really cool design work in a few of the hotels, I think every bathroom should have a door with a window to it.
The people are nice in Ireland I will give them that, and the grass is really green, and there are lots of rocks, and they do like potatoes.