Monday, 28 February 2011


Getting around brizzle you can check a fair bit of graph work, some original Banksy work, some rip off's, and just some other dudes doing there thing.

Not really sure how frowned upon it is, but there seems to bit a lot about.

Maybe the cops are just really shit, or the dudes doing it are really shit hot at it.

Kicking around town you can play spot the graph, which is done by many. Another one is find the hidden graph, or know your graph spots.

A Banksy wall can be worth more for the pic then the house that its on, true fact.



Not sure how long this one will last but you have to start somewhere.
Tagged the shit out of that beach.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Get around

Its back to brizzle for the second year, lookout......
Cool city with a lot of shit going down so stay tuned for a few of the antics that take place.
I will also kick it old school with some flash backs.

I'll be getting a bit more of what i do down on paper/internet.
Ive never been one for Facebook status updating or Tweeting but i think this is ok.
Hypocritical.....well maybe but you be the judge.

2011 is the "year of Blogging" or so i read once somewhere at sometime while i was doing something.