Thursday, 28 April 2011


Back in Korea......... I love it when i get to eat my words, yum yum yum.
I raced the Tour of Korea in 2007 and after not really enjoying myself very much at all, I may have been heard to be saying that i would never go back there ever again, but I did.

So after my last visit to Korea my expectations where not very high at all, but I was keen to turn my perceptions around about this country.

I think just about anywhere is good if you have good weather, bit of warmth and sunshine can make a pretty shit place seem ok.
Last time round it was like this everyday, pissing with rain and dirty filthy roads.
This time though was sunshine and warmth for most of the week, bar  one day that has giving us plenty of convo.

Something I did notice when I was there was all the signs they have around, which did become a bit of a nuisance, I dont know about everyone else but I always carry a birthday cake with me when I go into places, so every pucking time we went out somewhere i had to sit at the front door and eat all my cake.

This one is outrageous, no spitting inside a club!!! get the fuck out of here.


I found out what this one says at the bottom.
"If your hanging out with your mate looking cool in front of doorways, there is strictly no running off on him if one of the doors open"

We did make visit to the very famous Bogwang dong.

There was a nasty virus going around the Bogwang Dong, which some of the guys caught, very unlucky.
Second time round the once very shitty South Korea was actually ok.

Monday, 11 April 2011


You've got mail.....
I really love receiving post, and I have made this public.
So you could imagine my delight when I walk through the door and the post lady has been with some goodies addressed to me.

I have been getting some post cards in the mail lately, but they are from a mystery sender/senders.
This was the first.

After I had received a couple of them I started a bit of detective work, now I have my theories, and my suspicions.

I think there might be two senders, three of the post cards are related to each other, they are sent from the UK with no stamp.

The other two are stamped, one from Marrakech, and one from Jersey.

I really love this one from my "jersey milk maid"

I will get to the bottom of this, I will press on with my interrogation and investigations, and find out who this mystery sender/senders are.
Im on your tail.
Watch out.

Sunday, 10 April 2011


The street jaunts are back on, shirts are off, cider is flowing.

The creep room/amazing awesome viewing room.

All the things I love in one.
Greek style.
What a combo.

The Jamaicans know how to make a refreshing drink that is chewable thats for sure.
And once your finished with the refreshing drink you can use the can as a weapon or weight.

The BUSH might look simple but shit it can pump out some DUBSTEP.
A must have at any BBQ/DUBSTEP house party.

Such a shit language.

Saturday, 9 April 2011


St Werburghs

When I was in Brizzle last year I came across some plots and thought it was just someone garden, so I showed a glowing young ruffian, Tom Southam and he found it very funny that i didnt know what a plot was.
So at my new hood there is a really big plot just down the road, I really like how they look in the city.
A little farm land in the city limits, I love it.

Some would say that my new hood is very "edgy" maybe it is. 
I say it has character.

I really like this little cottage. 
Found it on my explorations. 

Friday, 8 April 2011


Dirt race........ 
After a fair few years of racing on the road you find that a lot of the races are very similar, and just seem to mold into one after a while.

So when there is a race with a bit of a twist, like some dirt sections its a really good change, and makes the race so much more exciting to do.

It was the Dengie Marshes RR, with 7 dirt sections, about 2 km each.

It was also a good race because it was won by one of the Brizzle crew, and memeber of the Zunro bunch, Zak Dempster.
 Flying the flag, nice one man.
Maybe cyclocross could be on the cards for me...... then again.