Thursday, 8 September 2011


Kris Kross will make you jump jump.
Or crash crash, proof of training right here, or proof of no skills.
Its cross season here in Melburn, and with my early arrival back to town and some help from the dudes at DDCX and Cycling edge I have been able to have a crack at a couple.

This is the sweet bike they set me up with, and after hearing how much it is worth I thought I had better push on the peddles and see how fast this thing can go and try to get a result.

The cross really fits in well with my all action hero lifestyle, riding, running, jumping, so after the first one it was time to do some cross training for cross training.

Got myself some runners and started running around the parks with a bike on my shoulder jumping shit.

Thought I better get a full body workout, so I got myself a bodysurf fin, Im going with the same theory of time in the knicks, so hand in the fin is as good as bodysurfing.
The next cross race is this weekend so I will find out if any of this cross training is doing anything for me.