Thursday, 12 May 2011


Probably the reason and main influence for me starting this little blog of mine was a good mate of mine Andy White, who has this megga cool sick totally radical site 

So I thought I might do a bit of fyxomatosising myself.

Armed always with a camera in hand I have been able to snap a few fyxomatosisingesk shots.

Brooks is for sure the number 1 choice of saddle here is Brizzle town.

For a hilly city I am surprised by the number of fixys that are kicking about.

Old school VW Scirocco, not quiet a delorean but close.
Megga cool car.

One of our past times in Brizzle is chasing cars around.

Cant go past a true classic, you just never know when you might need to jump into a game of 3on3 down at the courts. 
The last thing you want is to be jumping around without any air flowing around your feet.