Tuesday, 8 March 2011


The police wanna relocate me.

Ok so i blabbed on about not putting these sort of pics up, but this is going to be a little project for the year, stay tuned for more on this.

Oh how i missed her, the town by the sea.......... once!

Yep its nearly that time again ladies and gents, get your hiking shoes and back packs ready.

Probably just about my favorite thing about England, when the sun starts shinning and the fruits of the forest come out in abundance, ready for me to pick the shit out of them.
Its like a free lunch, and you know what they say about a free lunch!


This is Matt Southam.
When the sun comes out in Bristol so does the mega street vibe.
We are two members of the Montpellier street jaunts crew, there are more members still to arrive, stay tuned for some rude stories from this lot.

Come dine with me 2011. 
Its going to be big real big.

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