Wednesday, 16 March 2011


I really like this sign, straight to the point, and no pissing about.
If you climb on this you will fall and then a giant arrow will come from the sky and stab you in the heart.
so dont.

There multiplying.... I spilt water all over my bike one night and when I awoke there were two'fers.
Now its brush your teeth and water your bikes before bed.

Matty this is the "sexiest shot" I could find of you.
Matty made it to Brizzle for tuesday night Canteen night.
Nice one man.

SJ pointed out this one, the local Stokes Croft junkies are above Tescos it seems.
Only Waitros will do for there Blackthorns cider.

In the Castle study, putting the hours in.
Get it down.
Guess who this it??
You would not believe me in a million years who I spotted riding past the blue flame.

1 comment:

  1. Who is it? with a BACKPACK on? I thought that was just Andy Fyxy who dared rock that..

    And in shorts.