Friday, 8 April 2011


Dirt race........ 
After a fair few years of racing on the road you find that a lot of the races are very similar, and just seem to mold into one after a while.

So when there is a race with a bit of a twist, like some dirt sections its a really good change, and makes the race so much more exciting to do.

It was the Dengie Marshes RR, with 7 dirt sections, about 2 km each.

It was also a good race because it was won by one of the Brizzle crew, and memeber of the Zunro bunch, Zak Dempster.
 Flying the flag, nice one man.
Maybe cyclocross could be on the cards for me...... then again.


  1. Are they short longs or long shorts?

  2. short 3/4ers, perfect for this time of year over here.