Monday, 11 April 2011


You've got mail.....
I really love receiving post, and I have made this public.
So you could imagine my delight when I walk through the door and the post lady has been with some goodies addressed to me.

I have been getting some post cards in the mail lately, but they are from a mystery sender/senders.
This was the first.

After I had received a couple of them I started a bit of detective work, now I have my theories, and my suspicions.

I think there might be two senders, three of the post cards are related to each other, they are sent from the UK with no stamp.

The other two are stamped, one from Marrakech, and one from Jersey.

I really love this one from my "jersey milk maid"

I will get to the bottom of this, I will press on with my interrogation and investigations, and find out who this mystery sender/senders are.
Im on your tail.
Watch out.

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